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 Vintage Outdoor Furniture

With great passion...
we have found ways of  preserving
the unique styles of casual furniture
from years past. 

Scroll Contour Lounge - Chair Vintage 50s
Scroll Contour Lounge - Chair Vintage 50s

         <>  Scroll    
                    <>  Medallion
<>  Brooks 

Scroll Bar Vintage 80's
Scroll Vintage 80's

Medallion Set Vintage 60's
Medallion Vintage 60's

Wrought Aluminum & Cast Dining Set Vintage
Wrought Aluminum & Cast Vintage

We have assembled a collection of complete sets
and individual pieces, waiting to be refurbished
to your individual taste.

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Never let go of  " Yesterday's Style".
Where timeless beauty connects
with quality craftsmenship.
Take comfort in the memories,
but, don't take too long!  
Our inventory of vintage furniture 
is subject to change. 

Click for Outdoor Furniture Refinishing and Repair
For those of you interested in an appraisal
of your existing Vintage Furniture,
due to our level of expertise...

Outdoor Custom Cushions

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